Apple says it’s creating 5,000 jobs in African operations as it accelerates growth in continent

Apple has pledged to create at least 5,000 jobs in its African operations and is working to help further bolster the Internet in Africa as its digital revolution gets underway.

“Africa is a vast continent with so much potential that is being largely untapped for its full potential,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said. “Apple is investing $1 billion in Africa to build and employ thousands of skilled employees, improve access to technology and foster an ecosystem that benefits all Africans, citizens and companies alike.”

The $1 billion investment is part of a larger tech boom in Africa that is seeing the continent represented on the global stage.

“Over the past year, Google has worked with more than a dozen African countries and organizations, to accelerate innovation and explore opportunities for digital growth throughout the continent,” a Google spokesperson said. “Our efforts have benefited over 1.7 million people through both the publication of data and toolkits that are helping to drive digital innovation.”

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