Chen Tianyu: Chinese gymnast ‘reconfirms’ safety after Glasgow accident

Written by Staff Writer, CNN

The Chinese gymnast Peng Shuai “reconfirms” she is safe and well after being hailed as a “true hero” after tweeting a screenshot of the Chinese Armed Forces’ rescue team helping her to survive a disastrous gymnastics accident in Glasgow.

She subsequently called the incident a “sad dream gone awry” and requested to “stay strong.”

“Good evening people from around the world, sorry to upset you all, you may have seen today that I suffered an accident on the way to the venue of the Olympics gymnastics,” she said in a second brief call to the International Olympic Committee.

“You will see an army rescue team trying to rescue me, but I would like to go to sleep.

“I’m fine. Thank you so much for your support. Please know that I’m safe. Thank you very much.”

Dancer: ‘The military people saved my life’

The 21-year-old suffered a broken leg on Tuesday, her 19th birthday, after losing control of her apparatus during a competition.

At her most recent post Peng said: “The cavalry have all arrived. Despite bad weather, the army rescue team worked so hard. I’m sorry for my families, friends and fans. If you wish, I will come to China and be with you.”

Over the weekend several news outlets reported that she had walked and started to walk with a limp, but posted a photo that is otherwise unconfirmed to the International Olympic Committee on Monday which showed her getting off a plane in Glasgow.

Cheryl Barker, a British diver and teammate of Peng at the age of 13, gave an interview to the BBC early Monday that said Peng was using crutches and had trouble speaking.

“I cannot express how happy I am that she is okay,” Barker said. “This is, to me, is the best kind of news I could get.”

And while Barker said she had asked Peng to send her well wishes to the UK’s other Olympic gymnast, Kristina Rihanoff, 24, the Chinese member said no, that she was not interested in helping the former Strictly Come Dancing star.

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