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Our Current Projects

• Strengthening women's participation in peace building, conflict resolution and literacy program (Kismayo, Dolow, Balad hawo, and Luuq )- Funded LPI

• Building and strengthing female public and political engangement, agency and influence in Jubaland (Kismayo, Dhobley, Dolow and Garbahaarey)- Funded SSF

• Addressing root causes of community safety and security advocacy (kismayo)- Funded SAFERWORLD

• Support to small scale milk processing initiatives in Kismayo district of lower Jubba region, Somalia through Somali Reintergration Programe (SRP) - Funded GIZ

• Village Saving and loans Association (VSLA) (Kismayo)- Funded PEACE DIRECT


Our Completed Projects

• Implemented Gender Based Violence’s GBV Project at Dhobley, Afmadow district in partnership with the UNHCR in 2013.

• Implemented peace building and Trauma healing Progame in Afmadow District in partnership with the PACT Kenya in 2013

• Health and sanitation campaigns in the Afmadow Diif and Dhobley districts.

• Providing of assistance to 2 adult women schools in the Lower Juba region through the support of Horn Relief and community contributions.

• Trainings for women groups on psychosocial support activities

• Creating awareness on the risk of the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) practices among the local communities of Afmadow district.

• Providing of mosquito nets to selected vulnerable families.

• Research on access to justice of SGBV survivors in lower Juba supported by IIDA/IDLO 2015

• Conducted 16 days activism on SGBV in schools friendly space for learners with the support of UNHCR 2015

• Women political participation and decision making January 2016-June 2016 with the support of SSWC.

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