Formula One to drop the Grand Prix of Monaco in 2022, report says

Monaco is to lose the Grand Prix of Monaco from its lineup in 2022, as part of a major revamp of Formula One’s European calendar, according to the president of the Formula One Group, Chase Carey.

Carey outlined the remaking of the calendar in an interview with CFO Journal, whose managing editor Alexander Kashuk spoke to him about Formula One’s changes for 2021. From 2018, the Grand Prix of Monaco has been one of the hardest-to-reach races.

“It’s not possible that we’re going to be able to do the Grand Prix of Monaco in a three-day format as we’ve done in the past,” Carey said. “It’s just not sustainable, because all three races — the [Russian], the Bahrain and the Monaco — all have 90,000 to 100,000 people in them. It would take too much time to get that size of crowd and the perfect spectacle we want.”

“Monaco is the highlight of the season and right now it’s very difficult to figure out the right way to move that to somewhere else.”

Carey’s comment was in response to the widespread idea that Monaco could be shifted to more quickly and easily compared to the Grand Prix of Spain, which was cut from four days to three last year.

It also emerged last week that the Grand Prix of Long Beach could replace one of the British tracks to give more countries seats at the drivers’ podiums. And there is a possibility that the Silverstone Grand Prix could be cut from the lineup.

The current calendar, published last month, seems to indicate that all three Grand Prix of Europe will be eliminated.

Calls have been growing for the return of Grand Prix of Germany, which has hosted the event since 1949, and Carey himself has said that it would be a viable option.

Racing historian Drew Robbins-Dehnart, of the University of Guelph, wrote in the Independent: “One thing with certainty is that if all three Grand Prix of Europe are lost, then it will be either after the schedule extension, when the four races from Russia, Bahrain and the ­Monaco would either be held a different time or moved to ­other locations, or within a couple of years it will look like Germany had been successful in its bid for [a race] to return.”

Circuit of the Americas, also housed at its track in Austin, Texas, hosts the fourth, final race on the 2017 calendar in July, while the October event at Azerbaijan’s Baku City Circuit holds the seventh spot.

Media representatives for Formula One would not comment further on whether another race would be added to the schedule.

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