Kanye West introduced Kim Kardashian to style icon

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Has former rapper and designer Kanye West introduced Kim Kardashian to the world of fashion?

In a new issue of British Vogue, published online Thursday and in the April issue on newsstands Friday, Kardashian discussed her style evolution and the impact West has had on it.

The reality TV star told British Vogue that West introduced her to some of the world’s top designers.

“I did meet [Antonio] Carradine. He was a very important figure in fashion for me — he used to sell clothes to Adidas (West’s former employer) and he knew Tom Ford, because Kanye didn’t wear anything,” she said.

Kardashian did not say whether she met fellow designer Marc Jacobs.

Despite her fashion fanaticism, Kardashian admitted the “people that mattered were the people that knew about fashion,” like Carradine and designer Michael Costello.

The star also said West had introduced her to the luxury world.

“He told me about the Garance Doré books I had never seen,” Kardashian explained. “The modern art I’d never seen. He took me to Savile Row and introduced me to Henry Poole, one of the oldest tailors in the world.”

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While the star did not reveal her style icon choices, she did tell British Vogue she preferred a “less is more” approach to dressing.

“There are times when I know exactly what I want, but I like to go into a store and see if the designers have it, and then I make the decision,” she said.

Kardashian also revealed that she recently got married to hip hop star and music producer, and fashion entrepreneur, Kanye West. The couple wed in May 2016 at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy, which was inspired by the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

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