On the share market: steel construction firm to invest US$34bn in vehicles, manufacturing, & software


According to a recent press release,

Stellantis Group, a specialist steel construction provider has announced it plans to invest approximately US$34 billion, over the next seven years, on new vehicles, manufacturing facilities and software technology. The company will be concentrating on new heavy trucks and chassis.

The first quarter 2018, key developments include building a number of new production lines for new products over the next two years and plans to introduce about 60 light trucks in 2019. In addition, the group is investing in a nationwide maintenance and warranty programme to offer an upgraded maintenance and warranty range for customers. Other projects include a new software development centre. The group is also supporting investors in Japan’s automotive industry by making direct investments.

Stellantis has invested in other nations in recent times, and as of the end of March 2018, had approximately 12,000 employees throughout the European Union.

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