Parents reunited with son who was kidnapped 14 years ago in Italy

A Chinese couple who had been trying to get their 14-year-old son out of an orphanage abroad for 14 years after their daughter was kidnapped was reunited with him Friday.

Li Bingyi, 53, and his wife, Jiao Yingjin, 48, traveled to the Greek island of Kos in June, saying they had traveled there to buy a new house. Instead, they said they were abducted by the Italian child-welfare organization Amici Centro per i Meglio (CPM). But when they arrived on their flight, they found their son, Xu Qi.

Xu told China Central Television that his father “sought my father’s help for some work, and when he looked in my father’s bag, he found my passport and me.” The boy was on his way to China and wanted to move back there.

The Italian media had been trying to find him and broadcast his story and photographs of him and his parents online, since 2004.

But the idea that the boy was rescued was false. At least three journalists are facing defamation charges after they filed a request for an Italian court to hear the case.

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