Rupert Grint On Film Reunion, His New Show, And Working With Daniel Radcliffe Again:

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“Something that we get a lot of is people saying, ‘Is he going to be the Harry Potter again?’ You know, nobody knows the future of that; all we know is that he’s acting and I think he’ll be like his old self, there’s a danger it could turn into ‘Surprise, I’m in Harry Potter again!’ We sort of live in the now. The show is completely unique to us. It’s not trying to step into the shoes of a beloved character or something like that. It’s about characters we know and love; and I think we’ll be proud of it whichever way it goes.”

—Rupert Grint, “Harry Potter” star

On shooting the reunion scenes for “Friend One”:

“Oh absolutely. Absolutely. It was always in the plan that if there were any scenes with the original cast members at all that we’d do it. I think it was part of the idea that we have a TV show that people are familiar with. So when you have that kind of relationship with a character and a person, it’s strange to not shoot that person, but it didn’t feel like we were missing anything. And now that we’ve done that, it feels like we’ve got to go back to the ‘Friend One’ experience.”

The cast of “Friend One” joined Sam Brownback on Live with Kelly and Ryan for a live performance of “Friend One” and answering some audience questions about this weekend’s big episode.

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