This amazing 16-year-old racing phenom has a world of endorsements

This is a photo of the amazing Marissa Gogna hitting the track to prove herself off-road racing. 16 year old has been considered “one of the fastest kids around,” according to VICE. And she was paid for it, with her first sponsorship deal at just 14 years old (shared in a charming on-camera interview above).

Marissa specializes in off-road dirt bikes and ATVs that cost anywhere from $7,000 for a KTM FXR to $35,000 for a Kawasaki Ninja 1600 — no matter the cost, she still runs with a team of three other girls on a 50/50 split with the men, and is one of the first women to take ownership of a NASCAR sponsorship for a race in the western USA.

And this is just the beginning. Off-road racing is hugely popular in the U.S., with Marissa having to travel to Australia for support races. But in the world of women in motor racing she’s far from alone, and ahead of the curve when it comes to pro-womens’ recognition. As Vice notes, in addition to a “growing arsenal of sponsorships,” Marissa is also a role model, inspiring young girls to learn to love a sport that in some ways is making her want to take another off-road course — and encourages young kids to take up those paths as well.

Read the full story at Vice.


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