Toronto officer attempts fender bender, sparks multiple crashes

A Toronto police officer tried to navigate a fender bender, and ended up hitting several vehicles.

The officer’s cruiser hit a pick-up truck on the way to a minor fender bender that was reported to police just before midnight on Sunday (06/06), Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit said in a statement on Tuesday.

While walking away from the accident, the officer struck a Chevrolet Impala that then struck two other vehicles and injured an 83-year-old man, a woman and an 85-year-old man, the SIU said.

“It’s a tragic event and the SIU was made aware, and the agency subsequently added its resources, in order to address the issues around this situation,” SIU spokesperson Monica Hudon told Toronto’s CBS, CBC News, CBC Sports, CTV News and CBC Radio.

The SIU is a civilian-run agency that investigates incidents of death, serious injury or allegations of sexual assault involving members of the police.

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