Tumblr’s night club looks like a thing that would happen if you ran BuzzFeed

On Friday, after a tumultuous week — the stock has fallen more than 30 percent in the last month as BuzzFeed Media Group gets ready to go public — CEO Jonah Peretti, colleagues and financial analysts gathered at the company’s new headquarters on Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn. The space, formerly called BG headquarters, was transformed into a massive space with plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows. There are view spaces throughout the building, which is decked out with furniture that is reminiscent of past BuzzFeed properties such as BuzzFeed Food and BuzzFeed Creative Lab.

The mood around the company was more optimistic than when the company hosted an announcement event on Monday, during which executives including Ms. Peretti and CEO Ben Smith spoke as a company logo was projected onto a screen and confetti was released. BuzzFeed became a public company on Friday after a major redesign of its website was also rolled out. Friday’s celebration included cake and music, as well as pictures, tweets and videos from senior BuzzFeed staff. From large events to small gatherings like this one, managers told Financial Times that BuzzFeed is focused on making its new headquarters a “destination for the millions of people and brands that spend time on the site each month.”

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