Who’s the Rolex Hunter? Avengers: Infinity War revealed in weird real-life watch story

Angry internet users who were completely confused by the sports watch after they were called in to see Avengers: Infinity War at the cinema have come up with some important facts for Marvel.

Who knows what this watch means, it’s huge and it says, ‘Do not disturb’. But it’s probably not something Thor bought for himself

The movie is all about Thanos (Josh Brolin), who has been gathering up the six Infinity Stones as part of his scheme to bring death to everyone in the universe, including Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk, Doctor Strange, and Wong – among others.

Clearly to keep all the information in-house, they’ve kept the official movies title secret. They’ve also given little clues. Thor has said that it’s called “the Eye of Agamotto” and joked that he found a new watch while visiting Loki (Tom Hiddleston) on Asgard. It’s on the big screen on 4 April 2018, but already our minds have been blown.

Let’s forget about Thor here and see what others on the internet are saying:

Paul Curcurito (@paulcurcurito) I actually didn’t think they’d be able to keep a secret like this and only keep this quiet for so long and it’s my birthday but c’mon. Infinity War is probably called The Galaxy of Fate – coming soon

Noel Lee (@supernovateam) So, who is the Rolex owner who we have been needing to know?…

Yorkshire fried turkey! #SpyHeart

John Naughton (@jnaughton) Avengers Infinity War Rolex Watch Hunter who makes all of this art and who was it that commented “When you get caught taking photos of tigers in Dubai, you also get shot down with radar” #Feast

Pooja (@Pooja) This stat. So much Infinity War Rolex wtf.

Charlene White (@charlene_white) If you’re confused about Avengers and time traveler Thanos, perhaps you should take a look at Thor’s Space Shooter Rolex

Carlos Benchoit (@byCarlosBenchoit) Thanos Photo Tag: #AvengersInfinityWar Rolex Watch Hunter


Max (@TheMaximil) A gold Rolex watch with my name on it.

Nick (@chronic_ai5) You know who actually did trust Thanos not to blow away everyone in #AvengersInfinityWar.

Jonathan Reynolds (@tourofjonathan) Phew that is the most anxiety I’ve had in ages

kauffman (@dannykauffman) A Rolex watch that is probably one of the coolest looking watches in the universe

jonathanharris87 (@jonathanharris87) This Black Widow Rolex with eight letters or something: #AvengersInfinityWar- Rolex Hunter

Paul C Selegean (@piessleep) Other Thanos’ Rolex watches:

I met the big guy at the airport…I promise he’s not a lunatic that’s for sure! That’s a nice one though

Avengers #InfinityWar

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