Will Ferrell nearly lost his life on a ‘Anchorman’ film set in Montana

As if 2016 wasn’t nerve-wracking enough for Will Ferrell, the comedic genius and star of “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,” the star was reportedly nearly killed while filming a scene in the film last year that included a tractor trailer crash, making Ferrell one of the most dangerous people working on film sets right now.

The scene in question was Ferrell riding the back of a horse down a dirt road in Montana in an ill-fated effort to rescue his character, Burgundy, who wasn’t getting up fast enough, according to The Daily Mail. Ferrell’s character barks at the horse, and the poor animal bucks — a move that could have easily ended in tragedy.

Director Adam McKay told Yahoo News that Ferrell was driving the tractor, accompanied by some ponytail-wearing cowboys (played by Christoph Waltz and Kristen Wiig) who had been trying to save the horse when it bucked. They crashed the trailer into some trees, pushing the horse around the field.

Luckily, Ferrell had some extra padding and was well-supplied with water on set to recover from his suit.

“The biggest threat to Will, or actually the biggest threat to anybody on the film set, is really the ponytail wannabes that terrorize us on a daily basis,” McKay said. “It wasn’t Will who nearly got hit, but the ponies.”

McKay said his team “literally waited all day [to find out] if that fella [Ferrell] got hit. And he did, in one of those sweeping up jobs and everything. And we showed up three hours later and it’s like, ‘Wow, just around the corner are the ponytail wannabes and we can’t even get in to see Will.’”

He’s on his way now.

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