Will Smith gets into the mountains with National Geographic

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

The first item on Will Smith’s bucket list was to visit Switzerland. After being stranded in Switzerland in the snow for two nights as a child, he says, he can now rest in peace knowing he lived his dream.

But the actor and producer didn’t discover Switzerland by chance. He realized the entire experience of the Lost Swiss Alps across 26 German states in the 1800s was his job as an aerial cinematographer in a documentary.

Courtesy National Geographic

Smith teamed up with a remote camera team (RCT) and National Geographic, responsible for shooting street safaris in “Welcome to Earth.” At the end of each episode, Smith will explore a new country — host of the show in this first season is a Swiss mountain guide called Jean-Claude Cillestre.

Shots of Smith walking among local landscape are taken, offering up a peek into the subtropical and unspoiled side of the Alps.

In the clip above, the rapper and actor is shown in Kazakhstan as he climbed a frozen lake. It is there that his schedule was cleared to include visits to Mongolia and Serbia.

In Serbia, a stop in Leopolda to celebrate his 50th birthday is planned. It was while visiting the European country (then the Republic of Yugoslavia) with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, that they fell in love with the local mountain guide, Fretz Brinkmann.

In a country with volcanoes, Oradour-sur-Glane and Polje, hiking, dancing and braggadocio is not for sissies.

The show starts airing in the US March 5.

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